Million Reasons

You’re giving me a million reasons to let you go
  • Shirt:Decoy (Annette Voight)-Adrienne Top White-Collabor88
  • Skirt:{le fil casse}(jacinda jaxxon)-Rashida Ombre Skirt Spice-Collabor88
  • Shoes:G&D (Diamanda Allen)-Edera Sandals Fatpack-G&D Italian Style
  • Necklace,Choker & Earrings:LaGyo(Gyorgyna Larnia)-Claudette Set Silver-Collabor88
  • Rings:LIVIA(Ayanna Breen)-Vida Bento Rings-The Designer Showcase
  • Picnic Set:*PC* (Trinity Yazimoto)-Rustic Set (Includes Table, Benches, Stools, Fruit Bowl, Towel, Runner & Hat)-Versus Event & Petit Chat
It’s like that I’ve stopped breathing, but completely aware
  • Body:Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)-Lara Mesh Body-Maitreya
  • Head:Catwa (Catwa Clip)-CATWA HEAD Catya-Catwa
  • Skin:MILA (Miiane)-Fiona Skin-The Vanity Event
  • Hair:#Besom (kattington)-Roma*All Tones*-Collabor88
  • Lashes:MILA (Miiane)-Hypnose Star Lashes-MILA Mainstore
  • Eye Makeup:POUT! (leela Darwin)-Liquid Liner Collection-POUT!
  • Lipstick: POUT! (leela Darwin)-BabyDoll Lipsticks-POUT!
  • Eyes:MILA (Miiane)-Crystal Lagoon Eyes-MILA Mainstore
  • Nails:PS (Pheonix Scarpulla)-Nails The Heart of It-The Designer Showcase
Every heartbreak makes it hard to keep the faith
Baby, I just need one good one to stay

Sweet Dreams

Sweet dreams are made of this
  • Hat,Dress,Harness: *:..Silvery K..:* (gin Fhang)-Classical Military Set Black(Each Sold Seperately)-Collabor88
  • Boots:#EMPIRE (QUEENshop)-Sissys-Collabor88
  • Rings:(Yummy)(Polyester Partridge)-Art Deco Rings-Collabor88
Everybody’s looking for something
  • Body: Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)-Lara Mesh Body-Maitreya
  • Head: Catwa (Catwa Clip)-CATWA HEAD Catya-Catwa
  • Skin: MILA (Miiane)-Fiona Skin-The Vanity Event
  • Hair:”D!va” Hair (Marisa Kira)-Ayana Monotones-Collabor88
  • Lashes: MILA (Miiane)-Hypnose Star Lashes-MILA Mainstore
  • Eye Makeup: -SU!- (Eleanor Cyberstar)-Laney Eyehadow-SU!
  • Lipstick: -SU!- (Eleanor Cyberstar)-Erylis Lipstick-SU!
  • Eyes: {S0NG} (Funeral Plutonian)-San Eyes-Nature-S0NG
  • Ears: [MANDALA] (kikunosuke Eel)-UNISEX STEKING EARS Season 5-[MANDALA]
  • Nails:-SU!- (Eleanor Cyberstar)-Livana Nails.Gothbabe-SU!
I want to use you and abuse you. I want to know what’s inside you
  • Poses & Cigarette: Kokoro Poses (AyraEding)-Vibeke Fatpack Bento Poses-Tres Chic
  • Settee:NOMAD (piraiyah novikov)- Gothic Settee-NOMAD
  • Backdrop: VARONIS (ZaraSuto)-Noir Background-VARONIS
Who am I to disagree?

From Me To You

If there’s anything that you want
I’ve got lips that long to kiss you
  • Body: Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)-Lara Mesh Body-Maitreya
  • Head: Catwa (Catwa Clip)-CATWA HEAD Catya-Catwa
  • Skin: [theSkinnery] (Umazuma Metaluna)-Lilo-[theSkinnery]
  • Hair: DOUX (Dam1710)-Lia (Brunettes)-L’Etre & DOUX
  • Brows: L’Etre (Dam1710)-Arched Eyebrows-L’Etre & DOUX
  • Lashes: CLOCKHAUS (AdeDade)-Irina Lashes-CLOCKHAUS
  • Eye Makeup: POUT! (leela Darwin)-Basic Eyeliners-POUT!
  • Lipstick: POUT! (leela Darwin)-Kissable Lipsticks [Pinks]-POUT!
  • Ears: .random.Matter. (Nikohl Hax)-Kyoya Ears- .random.Matter.
  • Eyes: {S0NG} (Funeral Plutonian)-Misato-Warm Moon Eye-S0NG
  • Nails: PS (Pheonix Scarpulla)-Nails The Heart Of It-The Designer Showcase
Just call on me and I’ll send it along
With love, from me to you


Take out the stories they’ve put into your mind, and brace for the glory as you stare into the sky.
  • Jacket,Bodysuit,Boots: R2 (rei2 Aya)-A/D/E Yuraku (Black)-Collabor88
  • Gloves: A&Y (Anabel Crystal)-Electra Cyber Gloves (Black)-[A&Y] Mainstore
  • Headband: oushk (Euphorisme)-Feline Headbands-TRES CHIC
  • Guns:Strange Merchant (ISGI)-Galaxy Guns Box-Strange Merchant
I want you to take me apart from the inside, then spit through the cycle right to the end.
Turning in circles. Been caught in a stasis.
  • Pose: Jess Poses (Jessica13 Eracktor)-Bento Bad Girl

Jess Poses Mainstore

Jess Poses Marketplace

jess poses2

Lay there stare at the ceiling, and switch back to your time.

Baker, Baker

Make me a day, make me whole again

  • Dress: D!vine Style (Dollen McMillan)-Ruby Cold Shoulder Tunic Sweater- Dazzle Event
  • Boots: Phedora (NikiDemonix)- Margaret Boots- Phedora
  • Necklace & Bracelet: *PC* (Trinity Yazimoto)-Louison Full Set-The Chapter Four
  • Rings: (Yummy)(Polyester Partridge)-Comfy Cozy Ring Set-Collabor88
He says that behind my eyes I’m hiding

  • Body: Maitreya(Onyx LeShelle)-Lara Mesh Body-Maitreya
  • Head: Catwa (Catwa Clip)-CATWA HEAD Catya-Catwa
  • Skin: [theSkinnery] (Umazuma Metaluna)-Lilo (Catwa Applier)-[theSkinnery]
  • Hair: DOUX (Dam1710)-Ryan FATPACK- L’Etre &DOUX
  • Brows: -SU!- (Eleanor Cyberstar)-Essential Brows-SU!
  • Lashes: CLOCKHAUS (AdeDade)-Irina Lashes-GLOSS
  • Eye Makeup: -SU!- (Eleanor Cyberstar)-Lioba Eye Makeup-SU!
  • Lipgloss: -SU!- (Eleanor Cyberstar)- Nude Lipgloss Collection- SU!
  • Ears: .random.Matter. (Nikohl Hax)-Kyoya Ears- .random.Matter.
  • Eyes: -SU!- (Eleanor Cyberstar)-Luminous Eyes 06- SU!
  • Nails: e.marie (EmilianaMarie)-Babygirl Set Coffin- e.marie
I ran from him in all kinds of ways
  • Tables, Chairs, Cake Stand, Doily: *PC*(Trinity Yazimoto)-Emma Set- Boardwalk Event
  • Unicorn Cake Pops: Caboodle (Erovi)-Unicorn Cake Pops(Gold)-The Epiphany
  • Vending Machine: +Half-Deer+(Halogen Magic)-Sugar Crush Vending Machine Bear RARE-The Epiphany
  • Cream Puffs: +Half-Deer+(Halogen Magic)-Sugar Crush Bear Creampuffs-The Epiphany
  • Cat Cake Pops:+Half-Deer+(Halogen Magic)-Sugar Crush Cat Cake Pops-The Epiphany
  • Clock:Dahlia (June Fallon)-Lazy Days Vintage Clock (Gold 05)-The Epiphany
My heart’s been hard to find

No Tears Left To Cry

Right now, I’m in a state of mind

  • Sweatshirt & Panties:{Momoko} (adelyner)-Slumber Party Jumper/Panties-Lara 1 RARE- The Epiphany
  • Socks:{Momoko} (adelyner)- Slumber Party Socks Lara 18 Pink- The Epiphany
  • Sleep Mask: {Momoko} (adelyner)-Slumber Party Cat Sleep Mask VIP- The Epiphany
  • Choker: {Momoko} (adelyner)- Slumber Party Choker White 34- The Epiphany
  • Rings: (Yummy) (Polyester Partridge)-Sweet Like Candy Ring Set- (Yummy)
  • Septum Piercing: *PKC* (selena Chastity)-Anna Septum- LittleFish & PKC
They point out the colors in you, I see ’em too

  • Body: Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)- Lara Mesh Body- Maitreya
  • Head: Catwa (Catwa Clip)- CATWA HEAD Catya- Catwa
  • Skin; [theSkinnery] (Umazuma Metaluna)- Aless (Catwa Applier)- [theSkinnery]
  • Hair: #Foxy (Liza Broona)-Mai Hair All Colors-#Foxy
  • Tattoo: DAPPA (karlosguerrero)- Suisai Tattoo- DAPPA
  • Brows: -SU!- (Eleanor Cyberstar)-Essential Brows- SU!
  • Lashes: CLOCKHAUS (AdeDade)-Irina Lashes- GLOSS
  • Eyeliner: -SU!- (Eleanor Cyberstar)-Electra Eyeliner- SU!
  • Lipgloss: -SU!- (Eleanor Cyberstar)- Nude Lipgloss Collection- SU!
  • Eyes: -SU!- (Eleanor Cyberstar)- Luminous Eyes 06- SU!
  • Ears: .random.Matter. (Nikohl Hax)- Kyoya Ears- .random.Matter.
  • Nails: e.marie (EmilianaMarie)- Babygirl Set Coffin-e.marie
I just want you to come with me

  • Bed: {Momoko} (adelyner)-Slumber Party Bed 2 RARE-The Epiphany
  • Stuffed Bunny: {Momoko} (adelyner)-Slumber Party Bunny 13 White-The Epiphany
  • Bunting: {Momoko} (adelyner)-Slumber Party Bunting-The Epiphany
  • Milkshake- {Momoko} (adelyner)-Slumber Party Milkshake Pink 10-The Epiphany
  • Speakers-BUENO (buenosl)-Suitcase Speakers Pink-The Epiphany
  • Rose:Wednesday[+] (MikoCupcakes)- ~Girls And Roses~Private Rose-The Epiphany
  • Table & Stools: e.marie (EmilianaMarie)-Tiny Dreamer Table & Stools-The Epiphany
  • Pastries:+Half-Deer+ (Halogen Magic)-Sugar Crush Bear Creampuffs-The Epiphany
  • Makeup Case-Caboodle (ficceh)-This is the box that the Caboodle Bean Bag Chair was packed in, I thought it was super cute. –The Epiphany
  • Books: Dust Bunny (lxlnoel)-Book Pile-Dust Bunny
  • Metal Heart: .BLUSH. (dimplesapplepie)-Metal Heart With Lights- .BLUSH. (Marketplace)
  • Curtains: +Half-Deer+ (Halogen Magic)-Fairy Curtains-+Half-Deer+
And if you don’t know, then now you know it babe

Bitches Brew

Take out your breath and feel you come awake

  • Dress: THIS IS WRONG (Eva Artemesia)-Thunder Gacha (Maitreya) ULTRA RARE- Suicide Dollz
  • Boots: Scandalize (Yanikka)-Teila Boots FATPACK- Collabor88
  • Panties: Moon Amore (PsyQueen)-Simplicity Lingerie (Onyx)-Collabor88
  • Rings: (Yummy) (Polyester Partridge)-Ouija Ring Set-Yummy
  • Septum Piercing: *PKC* (selena Chastity)-Anna Septum-LittleFish & PKC
  • Nose Chain: Kibitz (Kathya Szczepanski)-Agda Nose Chain (Obsidian)-Kibitz
  • Collar: (r)M. (Moni Schulze)-AD(o.02) Posture Collar-(red) Mint
  • Arm Bands: *MUKA* (Muka Release)- Alia Set-MUKA Mainstore
  • Ear Cuff: ::TI:: (glamsoglamour)-Diamond Ear Cuffs Black)-Tabou Irresistible
  • Head Jewelry: ::TI:: (glamsoglamour)-Head Moon Black-Tabou Irresistible
You taunt the beast again

  • Body: Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)-Lara Mesh Body-Maitreya
  • Head: Catwa (Catwa Clip)-CATWA HEAD Catya-Catwa
  • Skin:[theSkinnery] (Umazuma Metaluna)-Lilo (Catwa Applier)-[theSkinnery]
  • Hair: *booN Lab (boo Nakamura)-.009 Hair (Black Pack)-*booN
  • Scars: Evermore. (etenaru)-Siren Carving-.Evermore
  • Brows: -SU!- (Eleanor Cyberstar)-Essential Brows+CATWA APPLIER+-SU!
  • Lashes:CLOCKHAUS (AdeDade)-Irina Lashes-GLOSS
  • Eye Makeup: -SU!- (Eleanor Cyberstar)-Lethia Eyeshadow-SU!-
  • Lipstick: -SU!- (Eleanor Cyberstar)-Leandra Lipstick 01-SU!-
  • Eyes: [Buzz] (Eleri Catlyn)-Aura Eyes (Amethyst)-Buzzeri
  • Ears: ^^Swallow^^ (luciayes Magic)-Ears Elf HD-Swallow
My claws are out, I want to feel it all

Watch the ghost inside you come awake